Thursday , 4 March 2021

वीमेन एम्पावरमेंट


Our society talk about gender equality is the key of success of any country however in a country like India this issue need to be discuss in the society. The status of social and economic condition of the women is very poor in the society. Ramashiv organization is involved in Women’s Empowerment Programme through SHG’s groups. Ramashiv always aims that to increase the status of the women in the society it is very important to give financial power to them which can be done through formation women Self Help Group. Today over 126 SHG’s in Madhya Pradesh are being supported by Ramashiv organization. Regular guidance and motivation to these SHG;s women has increased their confidence level and now mostly women are financially independent.


The main aim of this programme is to enhance the quality of life of women through increased knowledge and skills. The Ramashive organization also realized that merely imparting literacy would not be sufficient .The women need vocational training or skills also to uplift their status. They should be able to stand on their feet and provide for their families.  The discussions with women revealed that they are also interested in learning some skill to supplement their household income. Today with the support from government Ramashiv organization providing skill development training programme BPL SHG’s women in Rewa, Satna, Sidhi and Panna district of Madhya Pradesh. Over 66 BPL SHG’s women trained on stitching, fashion designing, pickle making, papad & budy making, milk products and embroidery and about 72% SHG’s linked with the bank and have started their own business.

The village women are made self-reliant by strengthening their savings group and empowering them by imparting various training programmes related to legal rights, health issues, and income generation, nutrition and health, etc. The women take part in the village development programmes.