Thursday , 4 March 2021

अवेयरनेस प्रोग्राम


  • We wish to contribute to the happiness and well being of the people of Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh –
  • To empower women and children to complete for equal grounds from irrespective caste, creed, gender discrimination and community.
  • To promote alternate livelihood to the people who are poor and come under below poverty Line.
  • To ensure standardized education and vocational education to children.
  • To advocate with local and national agencies to garner support to the child protection issues in the state.
  • To involve all the programmes among all the categories of people where the organization works to ensure sustainability.
  • To support the government to reduce the ratio of IMR & MMR in the state and also to work for prevention of malnutrition especially children.
  • Being part of the process of development and rejuvenation of village communities by facilitating efforts to improve health, education, the environment and the level of sustenance of the people.
  • Providing our technical and training skills to people who need them to eradicate poverty and illiteracy among rural and slum areas.
  • To work in the areas of social & human rights and duties such as, women & child rights, right to information, right to food, right to water, right to equality, right to employment, right to social security, consumer right and also aware people about their responsibilities.
  • To work for awareness & education for eradication of social evils liked dowry system, child marriages, drug addiction, superstition and blind beliefs.
  • In order to achieve its goal, wherever necessary, organization welcomes partnerships with the community, like- members of the Organization and those they serve, like-minded organization, governmental institutions, the private sector and development partners.